"Weldability of Dissimilar Materials (AA5052 Aluminium Alloy - Galvannealed High Strength Steel) Joints by Direct Current Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding"
By Seong Min Hong

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1 Question from Dr. Sarizam Bin Mamat 1. Did you conducted a tensile test to the each joint specimen? If yes, what is the value of tensile strength of each specimen.
Answer from presenter The tensile-shear strength test was carried out with each condition, and varied from 0.88 kN to 1.86 kN. The maximum strength was achieved as 1.86 kN in 95 J/mm condition with fracture at the joint interface. The same fracture tendency was observed in all condition due to the drastic evaporation on Fe-Zn coating induced an explosion and formed porosities at the joint interface.
2 Question from Dr. Sarizam Bin Mamat 2. Is there any formation of Fe3Al in your joining?
Answer from presenter Through the EDS spot analysis, Fe2Al5 and FeAl3were mainly observed at the joint interface towards the aluminum side. However, Fe3Al and FeAl IMC were also observed in flat morphology IMC layer at the steel-IMC interface. This may because Si element retrained the growth of IMC to the steel side, not only at the IMC-aluminum interface.
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4 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Interesting research finding
5 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Thank you for sharing
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