"Exploration of Chromite in Wadi Kalbu area  , Nizwa , Sultanate of Oman "
By Mr. Farhan Siddhiqui

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1 Question from Dr. Mohammad Muqtada Ali Khan Excellent
Answer from presenter Thanks a lot .
2 Question from Dr. Syed Shams Ahmad Rizvi Nice work and presentation
Answer from presenter Thanks a lot
3 Question from Dr. Zameer Ahmad Shah How you collect samples
Answer from presenter Chromite exploration is one of the toughest mineral exploration in mining industry. Once you find a Chromite ore body or outcrop , we save the coordinates of the ore body in the GPS ,mark the location in the Geological map ,note down also in the field book (Coordinates & description) and later plot the coordinates in the google earth and also on Geological map made with help of Arc GIS. From one Chromite ore body ,one sample of 5-7 Kg of Chromite is taken after hammering , to remove the weathered surface and collect the fresh sample. If the ore body is small less than 20 meters , one sample is enough for analysis . If Chromite ore body is having length more than 20 meters or at one place you find more than one ore body , you can collect 2 or 3 samples , depending upon the volume of the ore bodies. Samples are sealed in the sample bags , labelling is done on the sampling bags and sent to lab to know the different oxides percentages of the Chromite ore body.
4 Question from Dr. Mohammad Mohtasim Ali Khan What is the economic impact of this chromite on he area
Answer from presenter Chromite is having high economic importance in the mining industry in the Sultanate of Oman and also all over the world as Chromite is said to be the black gold in Mining .Current Chromite ore price ranges between 100-150 USD per ton depending upon the grade of the Chromite .So Chromite is having high economic value. This area is very prospective in terms of Chromite and proper exploration and mining of this area will give boost to the economy of the this area and also to the economy of the Oman.
5 Question from Dr. ELVAENE JAMES Good job
Answer from presenter Thanks a lot
6 Question from Miss AQILAH BINTI ABDUL RAHIM Interesting
Answer from presenter Thanks a lot .
7 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Interesting research finding
8 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Thanks for sharing
9 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Good luck

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