"Attenuated Total Reflectance – Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy analysis for O-H, C-H, and C-O functional group in major carrier solvents of raw e-cigarette liquids (PG and VG)"
By Ms. Nur Syafiqah Rusli

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1 Question from Dr. Salmiah Jamal Mat Rosid From the objective no. 2 is to assess the risk of each functional group towards e-cigarette smoker health. then how do you assess it without determine the concentration of PG and VG in e-cigarette liquid? It cannot be assess solely on FTIR only because FTIR just for identification not determination.
Answer from presenter Thank you for the question. Yes, I assess it without determine the concentration because the equipment that I used is FTIR. FTIR is for identification of functional group. I admit this is a lack on my research. Therefore, to answer this question, with the data I received, I just compared with the previous study. For example, in this research, the main functional group is hydroxyl group (OH). According to Bedwell and other researchers, hydroxyl group (-O-H) is the highly reactive free radical. Moreover, the statement agreed with Lobo et al.,2010, the hydroxyl group is a neutral form of hydroxyl ion (OH-) and may reactive as it react with human tissue that can lead to cell damage including DNA, lipids and protein.
2 Question from Miss AQILAH BINTI ABDUL RAHIM Interesting
Answer from presenter Thank you Miss Aqilah

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