"Antifungal Activity of Singgora Roof Tile with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Addition"
By Miss Nur Anis Syafira Bt Abdullah

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1 Question from Miss AQILAH BINTI ABDUL RAHIM Interesting
2 Question from Dr. Ainihayati binti Abdul Rahim What would be the method to formulate the Singgora tiles added with TiO2?
Answer from presenter 1)Raw material preparation, i take the clay from the Singgora tiles factory at the Bachok, Kelantan. Crush it into the powder using Rocklabs Bench Top Mill Crusher. 2) TiO2 addition - Before shape the tile using the mould, I mix the clay powder + TiO2 powder using the different concentration 5,10,202,25 and 30wt.% . Mix both of them using the homogenizer and placed in mould and fired the tiles inside the furnace at 800 degree celcius until the the clay colour change to the red bricks .The tiles samples will test test for physical and mechanical properties.
3 Question from Dr. Ainihayati binti Abdul Rahim How are you going to test the improved formulation of Singgora tiles (added with antifungal agent i.e TiO2) to make sure it is really effective in inhibiting the growth of fungi?
Answer from presenter Despite of the zone of inhibition test, through my final year project research, I used Scanning Electron Microscope to looks the morphology of the singgora tiles that already added with TiO2. Its resulted that the TiO2 is dispersed equally into the Singgora tiles.
4 Question from Dr. Mst Laila Naher Nice poster
Answer from presenter Thankyou Dr
5 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz What type of method you used to identify the fungal type ?
Answer from presenter By swab the spore from the mature growing fungi that already subculture on the agar plate, then, swab it on the thin slide with 2 drops of KOH, since it useful for the visualize fungi morphology and observed them under light microscope.
6 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Interesting research finding
Answer from presenter Thankyou
7 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Thanks for sharing

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