"Development of Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) Flour and its Application in the Baking Product  "
By Miss Saw Wei Xian

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1 Question from Ms. LIM SHIN YEE Nice presentation!
Answer from presenter Thank you
2 Question from Miss Lee Li Eng Detail explained
Answer from presenter thank you
3 Question from Miss Janice Good presentation´╝üwell done
Answer from presenter thank you
4 Question from Ms. Lee Li Kiam Well done.
Answer from presenter thanks
5 Question from Dr. NOOR HAFIZOH SAIDAN Hi Miss Stephanie..well done on your presentation. I would like to ask either your volvariela volvacea is suitable to replace meat in future because this mushroom is a good source of protein? This is good for vegan.
Answer from presenter Thanks for your question. In previous study, volvariella volvacea was used for enhancement of physicochemical, nutritional and sensory profiles of Cantonese sausages. The results showed that incorporation of volvariella volvacea improved the physical properties, significantly decreased peroxide value, increased the amount of amino acids and volatile compounds to Cantonese sausages. These results indicate that incorporation of volvariella volvacea could be an efficient way to obtain nutritional and healthy Cantonese sausages. So, volvariella volvacea has the potential to replace meat in future.
6 Question from Ms. Cha Pei Yee Support good gob
Answer from presenter thanks for your support
7 Question from Ms. Cha Pei Yee Job *
Answer from presenter
8 Question from Miss LOH HUEY QI Interesting findings!
9 Question from Mr. PUA YONG SHENG Well done. I have a question that does the mushroom flour is good for our body when applied together in baking products?
10 Question from Khor Choo Shan Excellent!
11 Question from Miss Hopeizheng Well present
12 Question from Mr. Ferid Abdulhafiz Thanks for sharing.

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