1. Posters should include a good combination of words, pictures, and graphics. They should include the results and conclusions of the papers, but authors are suggested to avoid including too much text in it.
  2. Please follow the instructions for e-posters preparation :
    • Poster should be written ONLY in English language.
    • Please use this template (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
    • Title of the E-Poster (should be brief and match with the submitted full paper).
    • Names and affiliations of all authors (each author to be marked with superscript Arabic number (such as 1, 2) with their corresponding institute affiliation and their addresses.
    • The logo of the affiliated institution/university should be placed on the upper left hand corner, whilst the first author’s color photograph (passport style) should be placed on the upper right hand corner of the poster.
    • All posters will be set in portrait style orientation (and all information (i.e. text, data, photos, and figures) must be designed to appear within one window/slide.
    • Font size: ≥16.
    • File format: Required format (PDF and JPEG).
    • Please name the files based on your paper ID (PaperID.jpg, PaperID.pdf).
    • If you design your E-Poster in PowerPoint (PPT), ALL information must be appeared within ONE (1) slide only. Save your PPT into PDF and JPEG format.
  3. Content of your e-poster presentation should have :
    • Research (Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion, References and Acknowledgment).
    • Contact details (optional), so that interested delegates may contact you.
    • Data must be given in units that are generally accepted in scientific publications (international metric system is preferred).
  4. To upload your e-poster, please use our Google Drive Submission Form (CLICK HERE) before 17th of May 2021.

Important Deadlines

Notification of Acceptance
Within a week after abstract submission

20th April 2021
7th May 2021
17th May 2021

Full paper Submission
30th April 2021
7th May 2021

17th May 2021

Video/E-Poster Submission
17th May 2021


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