Name of Participant: Dr. Siti Efliza Ashari
Name of Presenter: Dr. Siti Efliza Ashari
Phone: 0172055350
Address: Chemistry Devision, Centre of Foundation Studies for Agricultural Sciences, UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Job: Lecturer
Participant ID : AT17
Mode of Presenter (Requested): Oral Presenter
Paper Title: Nanohybrid of Kojic Acid Ester for Dermatology Application: From lab to market
Scope/Category: Bioindustrial Technology
Mode of Presenter (Given) : Oral Presenter

Enzymatic synthesis of palm-based kojic acid monooleate in stirred tank reactor was carried out via esterification of kojic acid and oleic acid catalysed by  Lipozyme  RMIM.  The influence of substrate concentration was investigated over a wide range (1.0–4.0 mmol/mL). The reaction kinetics pattern follows a Ping-Pong Bi-Bi mechanism with dead-end inhibition by palm-based oleic acid substrate. Based on the proposed model, the kinetic constants of the esterification reaction are characterised by the, Km(KA), Km(OA) and Ki(OA) with the values of 45.8 mmol/L.h.g, 1.87 × 10-7  mmol/L.g, 8.31 × 102  mmol/L.g and 5.32 × 106  mmol/L.g, respectively.


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