Name of Participant: Miss Ain Arifin
Name of Presenter: Miss Ain Arifin
Phone: 01137453734
Address: Faculty science and mathematics, UNIVERSITI PENDIDIKAN SULTAN IDRIS, Perak, Malaysia
Job: Student
Participant ID : MST53
Mode of Presenter (Requested): Oral Presenter
Paper Title: Rheological behaviour of VCO based lamellar liquid crystal of  Tween 60:Brij30/H2O/VCO incorporated with crisaborole.
Scope/Category: Materials Science and Technology
Mode of Presenter (Given) : Oral Presenter

Rheological behaviour of VCO based lamellar liquid crystal of Tween 60:Brij30/H2O/VCO incorporated with crisaborole.

Arifin, NAM, WRW Mahamod, NA Bakar, NH Hashim, & SA Shamsudin 

a Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Sultan Idris Education University, 35900 Tg. Malim, Perak, Malaysia

Corresponding author:



In this study, virgin coconut oil (VCO) based lamellar liquid crystal (VLa) of Tween 60:Brij30(1:9)/H2O/VCO was formulated using titration method. Optical polarising microscopy (OPM) and rheometer were used to study the texture and rheological properties of VLa samples, respectively. The influence of surfactant to water ratios and of crisaborole content on the rheological properties of VLa samples was also studied. The woolly and oily streak textures from the OPM image shows the formation of lamella texture. Typical rheological properties of lamella mesophases i.e viscoelastic with shear thinning behavior has been observed. The results also show that the surfactant to water ratio and crisaborole content does influence the rheological properties of the lamella mesophases. The higher the surfactant to water ratio and crisaborole content, the weaker the lamella structural network indicated by significant changes in the rheological profile. Sample with the strongest internal lamella network structure was obtained at a surfactant to water ratio of 0.63/0.37 with 0% crisaborole. Different power law regions with different flow index values ​​detected from flow curve indicate the evolution of the lamellar microstructure caused by shear. This formulation has great potential for use as a topical application in general and as an atopic dermatitis cream in particular.

Keywords: VCO based lamellar liquid crystal, Virgin Coconut oil, Rheological behaviour




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