Organized by Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, the International Conference on Bioengineering and Technology (IConBET2021) is the first conference ever conducted by the faculty since its establishment in 2017. IConBET2021 is organized in line with the vision and mission of the faculty that prioritizes technology innovation with an entrepreneurial implementation. It is also to provide space and exposure for young and senior researchers in the universities to establish a network of collaborators with industrialists and researchers from both, local and abroad institutions and industries.

Bioengineering has always been an important field that contributes to the development of new emerging technologies for the benefit of environments and human beings. IConBET2021 will open up access to the new technology discovery in bioengineering and bring to light these latest technologies to the public attention, at the same time creating awareness of bioengineering technology application with entrepreneurship.